Words of Wisdom for the Next Pandemic?

Almost four months ago, I posted some words of wisdom about the challenges and dilemma of preparing for a pandemic:

Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after a pandemic will seem inadequate. This is the dilemma we face, but it should not stop us from doing what we can to prepare.” — Michael O. Leavitt, 2007 (former Secretary of Health and Human Services)

Given our failure to contain the current pandemic, I’ll offer a corollary:

“It’s not easy to put a pandemic back in the bottle after it’s on the loose. Our early efforts at containment are the least costly and most critical.”


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One response to “Words of Wisdom for the Next Pandemic?

  1. And given SARS, MERS,and Covid-19, we know that similar threats will certainly occur. We need to start planning responses now, and with the seriousness that we currently reserve for hypothetical future military threats