Blogging’s Long Reach, Updated

At WordPress, I can see statistics showing where the visitors to my blog have come from.  I first posted on this topic back in September, and the total then was 72 countries.  Now, it’s a nice round: 100.  Wow!

The US has the lead by a large margin – no surprise there – followed by the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, and India making up the top 10.  New Zealand has dropped out of the top 10, being replaced by India.

The US has had over 10,000 visitors.  Three others have each had over 1,000 visitors to my blog.  Twenty-two countries – including India, Brazil, Romania, South Africa, and Taiwan – have produced more than 100 visitors, while 46 countries have generated more than 10 visitors each.

Fifteen countries (or territories) have had one visitor to this blog so far including: Belarus, Cuba, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Fiji, Guam, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, and Uganda.

Not a single visitor, though, has come from China …

Whoever you are, and wherever you come from, welcome to this blog!

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2 responses to “Blogging’s Long Reach, Updated

  1. I suspect you have a number of Chinese readers who use a proxy service such as VTunnel. These would all appear to you as US visitors.